Time Blocking

Okay, so about a month or so ago I learned about time blocking from The Skinny Confidential and it has changed the GAME. So let me tell you what it is then I’ll get into how and why!

Okay, so basically time blocking is separating your workday and personal day down to a tee on a written or digital calendar in order to separate out time for work and play for higher efficiency and self-care. At least that’s the way I see it. Basically sectioning off your calendar to find balance! I have trouble sometimes turning off my work mode so this allows me not only to get organized for work but also to assure I set aside some me-time throughout the day!

How do I time block? Here’s an example of what my calendar looks like pictured below!

So, why time block? I’ve come to realize even though I may prefer to work from home on my own, I definitely need some sort of structure. I wake up early and prefer to be done early so this works for me. Time blocking only works if you stick to the schedule. It can be hard to stick to at first but starting to schedule in a few things a day can be a great way to start! I find that when I schedule things out this way it also gives me time to prioritize certain things and not fall behind in my schedule. As well as it forces me to respect my own time.

Do you time block? Would your try time blocking? Let me know in the comments down below!