Strain Review: GMO

The strain review of the week is on GMO from Euflora’s 16th Street Mall location

GMO is described by Leafly as a cross between, “Chem D X Forum Cookies

Delicious and intoxicating pure funk. Extremely pungent and colorful flowers with terpenes reminiscent of garlic, sweet skunk and fuel. GMO’s strong aroma sticks with you for a classic savory high.”

Now for my review… GMO is a strain that I absolutely adore in concentrate and this was actually my very first time getting to try it in flower form. The bud was very soft and fragrant and smelled more garlicky than anything which I was a huge fan of. I decided to take an evening bath after dinner to pair with this yummy strain. It was the perfect combination to relax and decompress. 

I would highly recommend this strain if you love anything to do with garlic, mushrooms, onions! It’s probably one of my favorite strains not only for rosin but also for flower because of this amazing bud I got to try from Euflora’s 16th Street Mall location.

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