Spring Favorites

Today I’ll be listing some of my favorite products for Spring from Euflora!

The Stratos Energy Tablets are something I’ve recently been taking with my morning vitamins and it’s been the perfect way to start my day!

The 1:1 Stratos Energy Sativa Tincture is an amazing addition to any breakfast to start the day. My favorite is to add it to a smoothie after working out for an extra boost to begin my day.

The Rebel Edible Vanilla Bean Caramels are a great way to spice up your morning coffee. I highly recommend adding it into any latte or cappuccino to give you an uplifted morning brew.

The Vanilla Affogato Incredible Bar is one of my favorite THC candy bars here in Colorado. The combination of the coffee bean crunch and creamy caramel is a great way to start out the season strong with a boost of energy.

The Sativa Sour Lemon Escape Artist Strips are one of my favorite for on the go. Whether its an event, hike, or workday these little guys are a great way to microdose throughout the day.


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