Interview 9

Tell us a little bit about yourself? Where are you from, etc? 

My Name Is Brooke Edmiston & I Live In Capital City; Sacramento CA! I Am Almost 21 Years Old Even Though Life Has Taught Me To Be Old At A Young Age! I Have Been Advocating For Myself For Now Over 5 Years! By My Own Choice, With Some Guidance From My Supportive Parents, I Took Over My Own Health Care By The Age Of 15 & Was Running The Show Before I Was 18. I Have Learned So Much Along The Way, Things School Can Never Teach You.. I’ve Learned That Things Can Change From One Minute To The Next & Never Take For Granted The Moment That You’re Presently In. I’ve Learned Statistics Aren’t Everything & Sometimes Not Everything Is How It Is Supposed To Be. Most Importantly, I Have Learned How To Love Myself & How To Be Happy With Whatever Moment I’m Givin. I Am Now Almost 21 Years Old, Fed By A Tube In My Stomach & More Diagnosis’s Than I Can Count But Still Fighting Every Day To Live My Best Life

When did you start consuming cannabis and why?

I Started Consuming Cannabis A Little Before My 19th Birthday, (November 2017) As A Hope To Manage My Pain Enough & Avoid Opioid Use As Much As Possible. Up Until Now, I Was Very Against Cannabis Of Any Form For My Own Personal Reasons, Yet I Never Minded My Friends Doing It. I Was Even Against Trying It Because I Hadn’t Truly Understood The Power Of The Plant Itself. I Had Only Known It As A Way Of “Fun” For My Friends, Never A Tool For Me! It Was My Brother & Hesitant Dad Who Showed Me The World Of Concentrates First! Dab Queen From Day 1! 

Why do you consume cannabis now?

I Proudly Consume Cannabis To Still Manage My Everyday Symptoms & Only Using Opioids When Needed In Hospital Settings! I Smoke To Manage Daily Fatigue & Pain But Most Importantly I Smoke To Help Me Consume As Many Calories As Possible Orally. 

What do you wish people understood about cannabis? 

I Wish People Understood That Not Everyone Smokes For Just The High. Most People Are Actually Using It For A True Reason. Also, I’d Love If People Would Realize That Just Because I Smoke, I Don’t Always Get Stupid High To The Point Of Not Being Able To Function. For Me, It Gives Me The Ability To Actually Do What I Wish I Could Do Naturally! 

Where can we find you; your IG handle, website, weed tube channel, etc?

IG Handle:@Chronically.brooke.heals

Weedtube: Brooke Edmiston

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