Interview 6

Interview 6

Tell us a little bit about yourself? Where are you from, etc? 

I am from a small suburb in Northern California directly between Sacramento and San Francisco called Vacaville but I currently live in San Diego! I am a model, blogger, influencer, freelance social media marketing manager, and cocktail waitress! I love working but balance is extremely important to me! I like getting outside as much as possible, being creative in any way (sewing, drawing, writing, painting, etc), spending long days at the beach, and going on near or far adventures with my boyfriend or my girlfriends!

When did you start consuming cannabis and why?

I started consuming cannabis at a pretty young age (14 if I’m being honest). It was so long ago that I don’t think there was ever a reason why- I just wanted to try it and when I did, I loved it! I started regularly consuming cannabis around 17 years old and continue to use it as a vice to help me focus, relax, and sleep like a baby. 

How has being a fashion blogger/influencer + affected your openness about consuming cannabis? As well as What were the reactions you got/ get when posting about consuming cannabis? 

I’ve definitely had people disagree with cannabis use on my social platforms but I am who I am and I do what I do. I’m not the type, nor have I ever been, to shy away from the person I am. You either take it or leave it. Actually, it was you, Chrissy, that really made me think about my audience and the type of people I’ve attracted when you told me “you don’t want followers that don’t drink your Kool-Aid 100%.” Surprisingly, I took a poll asking my audience that DOESN’T smoke weed if they care when I post about it and 98% said they don’t mind! The 2% that do, well, they can kindly fuck off (aka hit the “unfollow” button). It’s really no sweat off my back! 

What do you wish people understood about cannabis?

I think people need to understand that smoking marijuana might not be for everyone and it’s a common misconception that stoners are lazy but I happen to get hours of freelance work done at home, organize and plan photoshoots, create and publish content for my social media client, and keep my house clean each day all while enjoying cannabis on and off throughout the day… everyday. You can be a functional and productive stoner- marijuana doesn’t stall productivity and motivation… only you can do that. 

Where can we find you; your IG handle, website, weed tube channel, etc? 

@lindseycarlene on Instagram @lindseycarlenepins on Pinterest, and for my blog! 

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