Interview 4

Tell us a little bit about yourself? Where are you from, etc? 

High, I’m Megg! I am a 30-ish-year-old Director for a $500 million annual revenue media company based in Boston, MA. With over 1,000 sales employees in my path of responsibility, I have become an influencer in the media sales industry over the last 10 years. My career defines most of my personal success and happiness. I am a crazy cat lady (ok, just crazy about the one) who could never live more than 10 minutes from the ocean. Sand + Sun + Ocean waves + Joint in hand = Best life. Oh, and I love the whacky tobaccy (that’s why we are here for this interview, right? HA) 

When did you start consuming cannabis and why?

After college is when I started consuming cannabis for medical purposes vs just smoking weed (come on, what college kid didn’t dabble ha). I had a sports injury that left me with permanent damage to my knee and far too many surgeries attempting to repair. 

After each surgery, I left with a huge prescription for opioids. I found myself liking the feeling when I took those pills… like I could keep taking those pills even though the pain level overall decreased during those healing times. I had that “ah-ha” moment of I had to stop taking the pills immediately, being well aware of the opioid addiction epidemic, and find a better pain management solution that I could live my life with. That’s when I started my discovery path with cannabis – a whole lot of discovery as I struggled to find online communities who were talking about strains and dosages. Let alone access to quality product! When marijuana became medically legal in my state, I jumped on the opportunity. 

Why do you consume cannabis now?

First and foremost, I consume cannabis now for pain management. With access to the quality products now, I also use cannabis for stress relief and motivation. 

You will always find at least 5 strains at my house at any given time – it’s all about the effect I’m looking for:

Joint pain? Got it covered. 

Stress relief? Check! 

Social anxiety? Check!

Motivativation? Check! 

Inspiration and creativity? Check! 

Does mind racing need to sleep? Oh, that India is in quick reach. Check! 

I am more public now about my usage of cannabis. Heck, we can go to a vineyard and hear all about the grapes and the process used to bottle a great wine… I want to talk about terpenes and the stages of the cultivation process! 

What do you wish people understood about cannabis? 

A career hustle isn’t defined by my after-work mental stimulation. You have a work ethic inside of you, smoking cannabis doesn’t demote drive (maybe watch out for those “melt into the couch” Indicas). Don’t worry, I’m handling my shit better than most and taking care of me still at the end of the day. The genius pours out still at all hours of the day. 

I am pro full legalization. I simply believe adults should have the choice, as long as they’re responsible for their choices. You choose to have a beer at the end of the day to help feel normal in this insane world, I choose to #puffpuffpass 

Where can we find you; your IG handle, website, weed tube channel, etc? 

IG – highmegg

DISCLAIMER: This blog is not to be interpreted or used for medical purposes nor am I or the interviewee making ant medical claims or recommendations. This blog is strictly an opinion piece based on their personal experiences and preferences.