Interview 3

Tell us a little bit about yourself? Where are you from, etc?

Hello, my name is Lydia Rae and I’m from Cape Coral, Florida. I love cannabis! I enjoy art in all its forms and think that Instagram is a fantastic way to share your art with the world. 

When did you start consuming cannabis and why?

I started smoking about 3 years ago and haven’t stopped since. I used to have bad panic attacks and anxiety to the point where I’d never even leave the house.  But then I started smoking and it was better than anything else I’d tried. 🙂 I started to enjoy my life and get past my own anxiety. Cannabis really helped me get through a very hard time in my life and got me to where I am today. 

Why do you consume cannabis now?

I smoke now because it’s a way to unwind, a way to connect with people and make new friendships. 

What do you wish people understood about cannabis?

I wish people understood that cannabis is not a drug but a medication. It’s all naturally grown from the earth. It doesn’t change who you are. It medicates people who need it. Also if your not a cannabis supporter that’s okay! But the choice to medicate doesn’t define who a person is.

Where can we find you; your IG handle, website, weed tube channel, etc?

You can find me on my Instagram @stoner_lovebug

DISCLAIMER: This blog is not to be interpreted or used for medical purposes nor am I or the interviewee making ant medical claims or recommendations. This blog is strictly an opinion piece based on their personal experiences and preferences.