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Let me introduce myself a little bit. My name is Samantha Adams, I’m 25 years of age, and a LEGAL medical cannabis cardholder! I suffer from severe anxiety, depression chronic migraines, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) also slowly recovering from an eating disorder. PHEW! Did I forget anything? Lol. I was born and raised in Queens, New York, moved to Phoenix Arizona(where I currently reside) when I was 9. I travel a bit so I have also lived in: Texas, Michigan, and Alabama!

My story is a little different than most in how I got connected to the cannabis industry, and how I’ve gotten to the point I am now. Cannabis was something I was NOT a fan of.. even the smell sometimes put me off. I’ve tried smoking before and it would REALLY make me sick(to the point I actually thought I had an allergy to THC. When I say sick that’s an understatement. I mean PASSED OUT 30-40 mins later puking my brains out for over 24 hours, forgetting my reality and not knowing who people were sick! This wasn’t a BAD “TRIP.” It happened every time the past few times I did try.) About a year ago(2018 around this time last year actually) my personal health issues were getting worse/taking a turn and I was running out of options. I’m sure we’ve all been there?

I was seeing someone at the time who did smoke cannabis and decided one night. let me give this another shot. I couldn’t sleep/lay down comfortably and felt like I was gonna be sick ALL day! I slowly started micro-dosing myself with cannabis flower in the morning, afternoon and then at night. VERY small amounts, I also had the person I was seeing/living with, keep an eye on me just in case. I took this process in trying seriously.
HOLY CRAP! This is where everything changed.

That night? I didn’t get sick. No headache, no spins, forgetting things.. NOTHING! I actually was EATING?!? I SLEPT that whole night… mind you… someone who suffers from insomnia and really bad eating habits to where 1 day turns into 3, cause you don’t realize you’ve gone that long without eating… was a breath of fresh air.

I cried! The feeling of SOME type of relief like that? NO medication has ever provided me!! I noticed a change within 30-45 mins each time I smoked! I’ve never looked back since! Cannabis has completely CHANGED my life… I went from being the chick that: anxiety crippled, and had such a tight hold.. to finding something that even for a short time? Took the edge away.. the sweaty palms.. the migraine I would give myself because my brain overthinks everything, the shakes, that constant cloud of nausea, not being able to eat… even for a few short moments… I felt.. like me? Free? Like my illness didn’t win this time.

I HID the fact I was smoking cannabis because my family really didn’t approve all that much. Mind you… I was seeing someone who openly smoked, now I am.. and I’m hiding the ONE thing that’s given me a part of MY life back.

I couldn’t do it anymore. At 24 I’m hiding the fact I’m smoking weed lol… mind you… AT 24, lol. What people didn’t understand I was sincerely worried my family would be upset, or my friends. I didn’t want to disappoint the people I care for. I started out by explaining why I smoked. What it personally is doing for ME. How it helps me, the fact I don’t act out or different, when I’ve consumed THC in any way. Everything from what I like, what I prefer and really REALLY educating my family on the benefits it’s had in my life. Mind you… they are still coming around to this, not a fan but they have been more open-minded to it.. instead of a nasty comment being made my way when I’m smoking it’s opened with a question “why does it smell like that, is it the type your smoking?” Lol. My grandparents are the cutest at times with their silly questions. My Mom has been great with this. She wasn’t HUGE about it. But, she sees I’m not just smoking? To smoke.. but to actually live my life somewhat normally before all this crap became a little too much, and a little too heavy. I’ve educated myself personally, and take cannabis seriously, and she sees the way I light up talking about this industry.

Why do I choose cannabis? And the answer is simple: Cannabis gave me a part of my life back. I’ve made friends, learned, and grew a love for it. It’s part of who I am now. I’m not ashamed that cannabis is a huge part of my life, cause I wouldn’t have much of one still if I didn’t explore this route and take ONE more chance on it that night. Cannabis has helped me take back a little control. Feel a little normal. Feel OKAY. Even for a short time.
What I want people to know about cannabis? First an foremost.. there’s a story behind almost everyone, in the REAL reason they decided the cannabis lifestyle… you learned mine. Not everything should be judged by what you see. Ask questions, learn people, learn the products. I’m ALWAYS ALWAYS up for learning as well as educating! You don’t need to LIKE cannabis or have it in your life at all.. but don’t knock someone else because you or someone doesn’t personally agree with it.
Here is my journey into the cannabis world.

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DISCLAIMER: This blog is not to be interpreted or used for medical purposes nor am I or the interviewee making ant medical claims or recommendations. This blog is strictly an opinion piece based on their personal experiences and preferences.

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