Interview 11

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Where are you from, etc? My name is Jacqeline (35) and I am from Upstate NY – The Capital District. I grew up here, then went to school and lived in Vermont for years, lived in Denver for a short while, finally returning in 2010. I have a BA and am always working towards growing my mind. For the past decade my career was social work; starting in direct care and moving up through the years to a supervisory level. Last year I had to take time for my own mental health which allowed me to re-evaluate everything. I now work on my own, privately, providing ABA therapy. I am an advocate for personal growth. I am also an artist, nature worshiper, and animal lover that loves being outside and always has music playing.

When did you start consuming cannabis and why?

I started in High School. I always preferred cannabis to alcohol or anything else people use to relax and unwind. It opened creative portals I didn’t know existed.

Why do you consume cannabis now?

For the same reasons plus additionally for my health. I have PTSD and so sometimes the world gets really heavy very quickly and I have found cannabis to be more useful (and safe) for myself than typical benzos. I also have other health problems that cannabis has been aiding. I am learning all the new ways to use cannabis and with all the advances in technology, you can absolutely find something that’s right for you; whether CBD or THC 🙂

What do you wish people understood about cannabis?

Those people who use it aren’t the typical “Stoner,” cannabis is also medicine. I think that a lot of people don’t understand that more people than they realize use cannabis and I have found that most of these people are scared to admit openly that they use it because of the social constructs our society has put onto people who use this plant. There are so many beneficial uses to cannabis, from the roots to the buds. I have had a lot of luck explaining this from the book “Green Buds and Hash” by Dana Larsen. 

Where can we find you; your IG handle, website, weed tube channel, etc?

IG/weedtube- littlejackiepaper art- theladywithaphan

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