Interview 10

Tell us a little bit about yourself? Where are you from, etc?

My name is Helina and I am 35 years old currently staying in Colorado for more intense Cannabis therapy, but I live with my husband in Minnesota otherwise. 

When did you start consuming cannabis and why?

Originally, I had experimented in my early 20’s after my husband thought it might help my mood while detoxing from opiates and benzodiazepines. I had negative connotations with Cannabis and didn’t love the feeling of smoking so I stuck with edibles. 

Why do you consume cannabis now?

On 5/28/18 I fractured a bone in my hand that had tumors in it that I didn’t know about, changing my life forever. Instead of my hand getting better, it got worse. My dominant hand and arm were completely paralyzed and an EMG showed I damaged every nerve, tendon, ligament, and muscle below the elbow.  My hand swelled twice its size and the pain was excruciating. My doctors grew concerned with my hand and I was sent to the U of M where I ultimately got diagnosed with CRPS, a painful, progressive neurological condition. CRPS is rated the most painful condition known to man, and has been compared to the pain of childbirth or the amputation of a finger without anesthesia 24/7. The condition has a horrific nickname… the suicide disease. There are no approved treatments for CRPS other than pain management at this time and I felt with my history of substance abuse that I was hopeless (a recovering opiate addict can’t exactly take pain pills ya know?). I was desperate, afraid and quite literally wasting away from malnutrition. Turns out Cannabis can help me manage my pain and other symptoms very well! I have yet to have the condition progress and I have actually started to repair the damaged muscles. During all of this, I discovered two genetic conditions that are also helped greatly by Cannabis. I was born with the connective tissue disorder, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and the RYR1 gene mutation which makes my situation impossible to manage with medications or surgical interventions due to contraindications (surgery could actually kill me). Cannabis is why I am alive today and what keeps me out of the emergency room. My hand is still paralyzed and my health still suffers a lot…but I’m thriving, and I had thought my life would only be surviving. Sure, Google will tell you CRPS is the suicide disease… Cannabis says otherwise. 

What do you wish people understood about cannabis? If you have lost hope in managing pain, please know there are alternatives to opiates and you deserve to have access to them. Cannabis can give you life back and unlock your own healing potential with minimal side effects. Also note that it’s not for everyone all the time, it’s important to practice intention and self-awareness when medicating with Cannabis. 

Where can we find you; your IG handle, website, weed tube channel, etc?

@insta_leftie on Instagram

DISCLAIMER: This blog is not to be interpreted or used for medical purposes nor am I or the interviewee making ant medical claims or recommendations. This blog is strictly an opinion piece based on their personal experiences and preferences.