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Tell us a little bit about yourself? Where are you from, etc? 

My name is Erin Delsigne, I am a professional photographer living in Hollywood Ca and celebrating 4 years of remission from Chronic, late-stage neurological Lyme Disease. 

When did you start consuming cannabis and why? 

I started consuming cannabis shortly after my freshman year at Humboldt State University. I started getting sick all the time.. which I thought was the flu at the time. Eating and digesting food became extremely difficult for me. Cannabis quickly became the only way I could get any nourishment. I would throw up for days on end, the pain from eating a single bite made me fear to eat, Once I realized I was positive for Lyme, It had attacked my body from all angles. Organs, nervous system, brain, muscles, joints. 

I started sharing my story online after doctors weren’t able to properly help me…. Hell, most never believed me. My work was getting attention online.. So I used it to see if there was anyone else out there, like me.

The response I got… was a man, a stranger, living in the Oregon woods. He told me he had home-grown and homemade. RSO oil and he wanted me to try it because he thought it could help me. Desperate, out of help, out of options, we headed to Oregon. I consumed the full 90 grams… and you wouldn’t believe the improvement in my life. Within days, my seizure-like episodes stopped. The pain eased. After a month, my numbers improved. My immune system was catching a break, I could eat, I could sleep, I could think clearly, I could live. After a week, I had a doctor ask me “What are you doing differently? And DON’T STOP.”  I didn’t…. And it saved my life.

 Why do you consume cannabis now?

I consume cannabis now for multiple reasons. Which all seem to lead back to maintaining remission. 1. I will be sick for the rest of my life. Remission or not… Lyme lives inside of me. So I use cannabis oil to kill Lyme and keep up my remission status. 2. Stress. Stress is terrible for everyone.. But with Lyme, stress can pull me right out of remission. 3. Boost my immune system. 4. Cannabinoid harmony = zero symptoms. 5. CBD for joint support, pain relief, lowering inflammation and balancing the cannabinoid from high dose THC. 6. and let’s be real, it’s fun to be social.

What do you wish people understood about cannabis? 

CANNABIS is medicine. Cannabis is life. Cannabis is saving lives all around the world (from all sorts of terrible diseases) when people are allowing it to do so.

Where can we find you; your IG handle, website, Weedtube channel, etc? 

IG: @filmcollageartist & @edpunplugged
Website: /

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