Favorite Workout Strains

Everyone has their reasons to get a good workout in. Personally, cannabis helps me get extra motivated and aids in my recovery. Here are my favorite cannabis strains just for a good workout!

Jilly Bean is a cheerful, upbeat flower, perfect for your mid-day workout! Providing social lights a clear euphoric high for a light jog and gym-sesh. With a sweet tangy smoke, this strain is sure to get you going. Jilly Bean comes from the cross of Orange Velvet & Space Queen. Making this cannabis an upbeat hybrid. A pre-workout flower if I might say!

Up next, we have the all so gassy MotorBreath! Coming from Chemdog and SFV OG Kush, this strain has notes of fuel and citrus. It’s a potent strain so I like to remind beginners to be aware! A strong hybrid, this strain is sure to get you pumped up and ready for the gym. Do you need to curl some iron? MOTORBREATH has you covered.

Sour Cheese is a Sativa leaning hybrid strain which provides a perfect balance of energy and relaxation for a work out that will leave you energized and fulfilled after a workout instead of worn out. With a cheesy skunk stank this bud is sure to help you become a little more creative with your workout.

Now, we have talked about some strains that prepare and prolong your workout, let us talk about a strain perfect for post-workout. Northern Lights is a heavy Indica flower that provides a relaxing body euphoria. Holding earthy, sweet piney tones, this strain is a perfect way to end your workout day.

With all these motivating and relaxing strains, you can’t help but to plan your next morning sweat! All these strains can have a slightly different effect on person to person, but I thought I’d share my experience with these particular strains. I hope you found this blog helpful!


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