Booty Workout

Lately, I’ve been loving bands and TRX so that’s what this workout is going to be based upon.

  1. First of all turn on this playlist.
  2. Smoke one of these strains.
  3. Start with 10 – 15 minutes of walking or biking and be sure to have plenty of water and necessary snacks.

Basically every exercise I do you can add bands, TRX, weight, or nothing to!

  1. 3 X 10 Squats
  2. 30 sec plank
  3. Band Monster Walks
  4. 30 Mountain Climbers
  5. 3 X 10 Squat Jumps
  6. 30 Crunches
  7. 3 X 10 Single Leg TRX Squats
  8. 30 Lunges
  9. 3 X 10 Bridge Single Leg Lifts
  10. 3 X 10 Clam Shells with band

DISCLAIMER: Obviously I’m not an athletic professional this is just my go-to booty workout atm. Please use caution and attempt at your own risk.

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